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Volleyball league house rules

Welcome to the City of Ottawa, Girls n’ Women & Sport Indoor Volleyball Program. This league follows the official rules as outlined in the Volleyball Canada Official rulebook with the following highlights and/or exceptions.

This league is designed to be recreational. The focus is on fun and participation.  Everyone gets to play!  Please show respect for the other players and consider the player before the play.

Do not leave valuables in your vehicles or in the gymnasium change rooms. The City of Ottawa, Girls n’ Women & Sport Programme or the individual Schools and/or Community Centres are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged goods.


  1. A team shall have no more than six players on the floor at a time.However, teams may play with a minimum of five.A team with less than five players after a ten minute grace period will default the 1st game; after the first twenty minutes the 2nd game will be defaulted and after a total of twenty-five minutes the entire match will be defaulted. A team with less than 5 players will have to forfeit the game.
  2. Players are asked to be at the gym and ready to play at least fifteen minutes before the advertised start time. Players should warm-up thoroughly before the game to help avoid injuries.

    Referees / Time Keepers

  3. Should a referee or timekeeper not show up to a game, it is expected that the game continue as scheduled. We ask that both teams play in a friendly and respectful manner.

    Players / Team equipment requirements

  4. It is recommended that teams wear shirts of the same colour.
  5. Home Team is responsible for the set-up and take-down of nets. The net is to be set up as soon as the gym becomes available. This will ensure that games start on time.
  6. Home Team is required to provide a game ball. Balls may be borrowed from the Girls n’ Women & Sport office with a $50.00 deposit.
  7. Players shall not wear anything which endangers themselves or others. Jewelry must be removed (i.e. Nose rings, eyebrow rings, ear rings, belly rings, etc.). Medic alert tags should not be removed but should be covered or taped to prevent injury.

    The Play:

  8. The rally-point system will be used by all teams. Teams will play one match per night consisting of the best three out of five games.Games will be won by the team which first scores 25 points with a minimum lead of two points, to a point limit of 27.Matches have been allotted a time limit which must be respected.
  9. Should a match go to a 5th game the team that scores 15, to a point limit of 17, will win the match.The referee may ask teams to switch to the other side of the court after the 8th point. Should time run out the referee may call the game. If the game is tied the next point wins.
  10. Teams can use the rotation or substitution system to ensure maximum participation.All players will get equal playing time unless they are injured.
  11. Teams may have two time-outs per game lasting a maximum of 30 seconds each.
  12. Should a serious injury or external interference occur, the game will be stopped and the rally will be replayed.
  13. Service: The first service of the first set, as well as that of the deciding set (the 5th) is executed by the team who wins the coin toss. The other sets will be started with service from the team that did not serve in the previous set.

    The players on the serving team must not prevent their opponent, through screening, from seeing the server or the path of the ball.

  14. Net Service: If the ball touches the net, but still goes over, it will be considered in and should be played.
  15. It is permitted to penetrate into the opponent’s space under the net beyond the centre line, provided that this does not interfere with the opponent’s play. It is also permitted to touch the opponent's court with a foot (feet), provided that some part of the penetrating foot (feet) remains either in contact with or directly above the centre line
  16. Tie Breaking Procedures
    1. Regular Season: Tied games are permitted during regular season play.
    2. Play Offs: Same League rules apply. The match is won by the team with the best 3 of 5 games up to 25 with a cap of 27. Games will have a time limited as stated on your schedule. Should the score be tied at the end of the game, the next point wins.

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